Centrally controlled

IoT Padlock

Simple, Scalable and Secure


Access Control and Locker Management

Ambitlocker is the future of lock systems and a sure way to achieve significant savings and improved user experience.


Easy-to-use padlock. Individual pincode send directly to user. Master pincode for all padlocks. Central administration module communicating directly with padlocks. No need for keys or local support.


Padlocks easily installed on current lockers. Up to 10.000 padlocks per network. Guaranteed long padlock battery life. Recycling system secures easy and cost-effective up- and down scaling of lockers.  Buy or rent.


Encrypted data on all serves, strong, certified padlock schackle, online warning system, Full, realtime overview of all your padlocks on your desktop.

Why use Ambitlocker?

Significant time savings due to central support without local visit to change pincode. No time spend on issuing and managing keys and pincodes

Complete, real-time overview of locker usage/avaliability. Lockers out-of-order are easily identified and new pincode can be pushed securing a higher utilization of lockers 

Cost savings. No cost on replacing keys or cutting padlocks. Lower maintenance cost due to fewer visits to locker locations and key handling.

Improved user-satisfaction. Immediate access to locker via pin code. No time spend on finding key responsible. No waiting time on emergency opening or maintenance.


Ambitlocker are easily installed on premises where there are many lockers, storage boxes, changing rooms etc.


The schackle fits standard padlock handles or it can replace current cylinder-key system.

Ambitlocker is ready for your lockers



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